Donald Preece memorial day

A memorial day for Donald Preece was held on 17 September 2015 at Queen Mary, University of London. There were 45 registered attendees, and others who had known Donald attended for part of the day.

The conference was partially supported by the British Combinatorial Committee. Donald had attended many British Combinatorial Conferences, and was organiser of (and accompanist where required at) the Conference concert. He also stepped in and organised the 17th BCC at the University of Kent in 1999, when we found ourselves without a venue at short notice.

The program was as follows (FB=Fogg lecture theatre and foyer, GH=Great Hall and foyer.)

  • 10.30: Arrival and coffee, FB
  • 11.00: Robert Preece: introductory words, FB
  • 11.05: R. A. Bailey, Professor emerita of Statistics, QMUL, and Professor of Statistics and Mathematics, University of St Andrews: “Donald Arthur Preece: a life in statistics, mathematics and music”, FB
  • 11.35 Byron Morgan, Professorial Research Fellow, University of Kent: “Canterbury Tales”, FB
  • 11.55 Martin Ridout, Professor of Applied Statistics, University of Kent: “Slow ripening fruit: Donald at East Malling”, FB
  • 12.30: Lunch, GH
  • 14.00: Peter J. Cameron, Professor emeritus of Mathematics, QMUL, and Professor of Statistics and Mathematics, University of St Andrews: “Donald at Queen Mary: climbing walls and PLRs”, GH
  • 14.30: Philip Ogden, Professor of Geography and Senior Advisor to the Principal, QMUL: “Donald’s non-mathematical contributions to Queen Mary”, GH
  • 14.50: Philip Luke, organist, Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church: “Donald’s
    interest in organs”, GH
  • 15:00: Organ recital by Alan Wilson, former music director at Queen Mary, University of London, GH
  • 15.30: Cream tea, FB
  • 16.15: Ian Anderson, Honorary research fellow in Mathematics, University of Glasgow: “Variations on musical and mathematical themes”, FB
  • 17.05: J. P. Morgan, Professor of Statistics and Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives, Virginia Tech: “Donald Preece, Multi-Dimensional Man”, FB

The meeting was followed by a reception and dinner in the Senior Common Room.

Further information is available from the web page, which will remain for the time being as a record of the event and a repository for material about the lectures and about Donald.


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