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Welcome to the British Combinatorial Bulletin.

The Bulletin is produced under the auspices of the British Combinatorial Committee (BCC) and funded by them.

The Bulletin provides details of activities in combinatorial mathematics taking place in Britain in the previous year. The most recent Bulletin appears below in pdf format, and can be downloaded by anyone interested. Previous Bulletins are also available, and hard copies are kept in the Committee’s archive and may be obtained from the Editor ( If you wish to become a representative for an institution which does not currently have one, please contact the editor. You may also download British Combinatorial Newsletters from here.

The Bulletin Editor also runs a mailing list, to be used only for advertising
conferences, workshops, meetings and research-student or above level courses to the British combinatorial community. If you wish to join this list, please email the Editor (see above) and if,  as will normally be the case, the Editor is satisfied as to an applicant’s status, they will be added. Any person may also withdraw from the list at any time by emailing the Editor.

The British Combinatorial Committee is a charity registered in Scotland, No: SC019723.