CanaDAM prize

Elsevier Mathematics is proud to announce starting in 2019, a prize for the best student paper, which will be awarded at the Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics meeting. It comprises of a cash prize of US$3000 plus US$500 voucher to spend on Elsevier books. The decision on the winner(s) is made by a prize committee who may decide not to award the prize, or to split the award between two papers.


To be eligible for the prize, the papers must

  • be suitable for publication in Discrete Mathematics;
  • be written by students only (at most three);
  • contain only material not submitted to any other journal or conference unless it is an extended abstract with the same title;
  • be submitted to Discrete Mathematics website with Elsevier – CanaDAM prize section at the latest by 15 January of the year of the conference;
  • be submitted to CanaDAM conference by 15 January of the year of the conference in the submission section dedicated to the prize.
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David P. Robbins prize

The American Mathematical Society has called for nominations for the David P. Robbins prize. The description reads:

The Robbins Prize is for a paper with the following characteristics: it shall report on novel research in algebra, combinatorics or discrete mathematics and shall have a significant experimental component; and it shall be on a topic which is broadly accessible and shall provide a simple statement of the problem and clear exposition of the work. Papers published within the six calendar years preceding the year in which the prize is awarded are eligible for consideration.

The next award of the prize will be in January 2019, and nominations close at the end of June this year. Please see the webpage for the nomination procedure.

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Upcoming combinatorics meetings

For combinatorialists in Britain, there are two rich feasts coming up in the next few weeks.

At the end of April, the Scottish Combinatorics Meeting, spread over two days, is in Edinburgh. As well as short talks by students and early career researchers, the meeting will feature talks by Radu Curticapean (Copenhagen), Iain Moffat (Royal Holloway, University of London), Steve Noble (Birkbeck, University of London), Will Perkins (Birmingham), Colva Roney-Dougal (St Andrews), and Kristina Vuskovic (Leeds).

The web page for the SCM is here.

May brings the two one-day London Combinatorics Colloquia at Queen Mary University of London and the London School of Economics. At QM we have Nikhil Bansal (Eindhoven), Agelos Georgakopoulos (Warwick), Janos Pach (Lausanne), Paul Russell (Cambridge), Katherine Staden (Oxford), and Carsten Thomassen (TU Denmark); while at LSE we have Maria Axenovich (Karlsruhe), Michelle Delcourt (Birmingham), Sofia Linqvist (Oxford), Patrice Ossona de Mendez (Paris), Alexander Sidorenko (New York), and Perla Sousi (Cambridge).

The web page for the two colloquia is here.

The BCC is grateful to the hard-working organisers of these meetings: Mary Cryan, David Ellis, Justin Ward, Julia Böttcher, Jan van den Heuvel and Jozef Skokan.

See you there!

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Postgraduate Combinatorics Conference

The 2018 Postgraduate Combinatorics Conference will be held at the London School of Economics on 4th-6th June 2018. The local organisers are Jan Corsten, Nóra Frankl, Eng Keat Hng and Aaron Lin.

The PCC is a conference for research students working in combinatorics and discrete mathematics. The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for PhD students to present their results and meet other young researchers in their area.

The PCC is mainly aimed at UK-based students, but is open for everyone. The conference will consist of 25 minute long talks given by students, and three plenary talks given by

  • Daniela Kühn, University of Birmingham
  • Maura Paterson, Birkbeck, University of London
  • Will Perkins, University of Birmingham

The deadline for registration is 30th April 2018.

More details can be found at the conference webpage:

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BCC27 speakers

We are pleased to announce the list of confirmed speakers for BCC27 in Birmingham:

  • Penny Haxell (Waterloo)
  • Michael Krivelevich (Tel Aviv)
  • Dan Král’ (Warwick)
  • Kristin Lauter (Microsoft Research and University of Washington)
  • Hendrik van Maldeghem (Ghent)
  • Iain Moffatt (RHUL)
  • Igor Pak (UCLA)
  • Daniel Paulusma (Durham)
  • Gábor Tardos (Simon Fraser and Rényi Institute)

The conference has a website where further details will be announced in due course.

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BCC27 in Birmingham

The Committee is delighted to announce that the 27th British Combinatorial Conference will be held at the University of Birmingham from 29 July to 2 August 2019. The organisers are Allan Lo, Richard Mycroft, Guillem Perarnau and Andrew Treglown.

Please put the dates in your diary now. Further details will follow.

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BCC26, Strathclyde

A gentle reminder that the registration fee for BCC26 will increase to the late fee at the end of this month; so please hurry!

The conference web page is here.

On a personal note, let me add that the last time the BCC was in Glasgow was in 1985; Neil Calkin was at the conference, picked up a problem I posed at the problem session, and wrote his thesis on it. We exchanged quite a number of letters in those pre-electronic days!

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