Scottish Combinatorics Meeting

The speakers for the Scottish Combinatorics Meeting in St Andrews on 24-25 April 2017 have been announced. They are:

  • Rosemary Bailey (St Andrews)
  • David Bevan (Strathclyde)
  • Simon Blackburn (Royal Holloway, University of London)
  • Robert Brignall (The Open University)
  • Anders Claesson (University of Iceland, Reykjavik)
  • Max Gadouleau (Durham)
  • Kitty Meeks (Glasgow)
  • Maura Paterson (Birkbeck, University of London)

The web page is here.

Note that, as well as the invited talks, there will be opportunities for young researchers to present their work.

The meeting is followed on 26-28 April by the British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science, also in St Andrews.

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Anne Penfold Street

Anne Penfold Street died this week.

Anne arrived at the University of Queensland as a lecturer while I was a student there. She taught me measure theory; a feature of her well-organised lectures was that all results were numbered in sequence, so that we reached Theorem 100 before the end of the course.

But her main field was combinatorics, where she wrote several books: an introduction, a book on combinatorics of experimental design with her daughter Debbie, and research monographs.

Anne was very active in the combinatorics community, as president of the Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australia (a sister body of the BCC) and recipient of their medal, and as president of the ICA.

She was the third female professor of mathematics appointed in Australia, and the Australian Mathematical Society has an award named after her.

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A conference that might interest you

On 24–27 July 2017, in the beautiful city of Lisbon, there will be a conference entitled “All kinds of mathematics remind me of you”. The editor of the BCC conference listings will suppress his natural modesty and mention that this conference celebrates his 70th birthday next year.

Take a look at the star-studded list of speakers, and put the dates in your diary.

If you are outside Europe and are thinking of visiting next summer, there are several other conferences to tempt you, including one for Stanley Fiorini’s birthday, the British Combinatorial Conference, Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics, Graph Embeddings and Maps on Surfaces, and Groups St Andrews. Details can be found in the BCC conference list.

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Programme for Old Codgers meeting

The Old Codgers combinatorics meeting this year takes place at the University of Reading on 2 November 2016, organised as usual by Anthony Hilton. The first talk is at 11.00, with coffee available from 10.30.

The programme is available here.

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Note that the British Combinatorial Conference in Strathclyde and the Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics conference at Queen Mary, London, are in consecutive weeks in July next year: all the more reason for coming to Britain! And if you want more, Groups St Andrews is in Birmingham in August.

The addresses:

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BCC postgraduate representative

Anja Komatar (Leeds) is the new postgraduate representative on the BCC, and will organise the next Postgraduate Combinatorics Conference.

Our thanks to Katie Clinch (QMUL) for her work as postgrad rep.

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Conference reports

The BCC supports many short conferences. Lists of these can be found on the conference listings pages.

We are keen to have reports on conferences we have supported, and we have just posted on this site new information to this effect. Only two conference reports from 2015 have been received in publishable form (see the “Conference reports” tab) and we would like to do better.

These resports are quite separate from the financial reports. University finance offices are not always quick at finalising a conference account; the financial report should be sent to the BCC treasurer when it becomes available. The purpose of a conference report is to record who organised the conference, who spoke (and on what), how many attended, and anything else of interest.

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