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The first Scottish Combinatorics Meeting took place in Glasgow on 29 and 30 April 2015.

The invited talks were

  • David Manlove (Glasgow): Matching in practice: Junior doctor allocation and kidney exchange
  • Sergey Kitaev (Strathclyde): Encoding graphs via pattern-avoiding words
  • Peter Cameron (St Andrews): Synchronization, endomorphisms and butterflies
  • Alex Scott (Oxford): Colouring graphs without odd holes
  • Mark Jerrum (QMUL): A switch Markov chain for perfect matchings
  • Keith Edwards (Dundee): A unified approach to upper bounds for a number of graph properties
  • Mary Cryan (Edinburgh): The Hirsch conjecture for transportation polytopes
  • Andrew Treglown (Birmingham): Maximal sum-free sets in the integers

There were also five student talks:

  • Jason Smith (Strathclyde): A formula for the Möbius function of the permutation poset
  • Fiona Skerman (Oxford): Modularity of networks
  • Stuart Hannah (Strathclyde): Sieved enumeration of interval orders
  • Grahame Erskine (Open University): The degree-diameter problem for partially directed graphs
  • Ciaran McCreesh (Glasgow): Practical algorithms for finding cliques

Delegates enjoyed coffee, lunch and tea in the Mathematics Department common room, and dinner in a nearby tapas restaurant.

Our thanks to Kitty Meeks and her team for organising a very successful meeting. Several delegates expressed the hope that this meeting would be the first in a sequence, and discussions about the second are already underway.


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2 Responses to SCM: preliminary report

  1. I have put a longer but more personal account of the conference here.


  2. The official report has now been posted, and is the first of a collection to be kept on this website. You can find it at


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