Welcome to the BCC web pages

This is the new British Combinatorial Committee website, administered by Peter Cameron and David Penman, with the assistance of Keith Edwards and James Hirschfeld.

To find out what the Committee is and does, go to the page About, where you can find links to the committee’s constitution, history, and functions.

The information that was provided on the site at Queen Mary will now be here, mostly on pages (which are static in WordPress terminology, though of course they can be updated). Among these are the conference listings, where we take a fairly wide view of what constitutes a “conference on combinatorics or related areas”. Please send details of forthcoming conferences to Peter Cameron, or put details in a comment to the page.

In the longer term, we may move other material in the Committee’s area of interest here.

We also hope to keep up a stream of posts, highlighting upcoming conferences or news items of interest, as well as conference reports, book reviews, etc., if we can persuade people to write them. Don’t hesitate to send us material for this!

Comments about the organisation and appearance of the site are also welcome. The banner at the top is simple and hopefully functional, but if you have an eye for design, we are ready to consider a replacement (preferably 940×198 pixels), and may even award a small prize.


About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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